Our online Reservation and payment system is subject to Terms and Conditions herein. Any customer who purchases a ticket from this system is assumed to have read and understood the terms and conditions mentioned. If you do not agree with these terms, you must not use our Reservation system. We provide this service on behalf of the passenger.



If we cannot reserve seats on the requested class (example 1st class or 2nd class), we will try to reserve seats on the next available class (2nd class or 3rd class).

If we cannot reserve any seats on the requested train number we will try to reserve seats on the next available train during the same daypart on the requested date.

During high season in Sri Lanka, December till March & July until September, tickets are sold out within minutes. If we are not able to reserve any seats in any train of the required date and daypart you will get a refund. Read more about refunds on chapter Cancellations/Refund and Changes


We are not responsible for providing incorrect passport numbers, names and email addresses. If you do not receive train tickets by supplying incorrect information, we give no refund on that. Please check your invoice on correct details.


We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the times and fares quoted on our Reservation System are correct. However, despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee that all of the information on our Reservation System (including times and fares) is correct, as our source data is provided from a third party rail information provider. Where we become aware of an error, we will take reasonable measures to rectify it. If you have purchased tickets which are subject to an error, we will refund these in full. When we have confirmed your booking by email to your registered email address, we will fulfil your tickets to you using the fulfilment method.


Payment authorization is done by an external process and Tourmaster Travel Services is not responsible for using credit/debit cards that are not valid, or for their misuse. In case your online payment was not confirmed, you should address to the issuing bank of your credit/debit card.

Cancellations/Refund and Changes

Once reservation is confirmed, the tickets are non-refundable, cancelled or changed. Tourmaster Travel Services can’t refund or cancel your tickets once the reservation is completed (We are only third party reservation company and do not play any role of managing or operating the railway) therefore you must request your refund direct with Sri Lankan Railway).


You must obtain appropriate Travel Insurance prior to travel, Tourmaster Travel Services do not provide any insurance for your loss during, or any liability prior, or after train journey.

Other conditions

Sri Lankan Railway have ratified rights to decline to passengers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and also if caught up in a life threatening situation. Sri Lankan Railway have given the complete authority to get legal support when in need.


Train schedules and fares are subject to change without prior notice. Fares and departure times will be confirmed upon purchase confirmation.


All times shown are local time.

Pricing policy

All prices are in American Dollars (USD), and must be paid in American Dollars (USD).
The prices quoted on this Reservation Service are in American Dollars. If you choose to pay for your ticket using a foreign credit or debit card, you will be responsible for the exchange rate and you are advised that changes to your ticket or refunds may be affected by such exchange rate.